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How to increase your facebook Likes

When you build your page on facebook with Interesting Title, Attractive cover and Logo, you expect people to like your page; but it doesn’t happen even when you have good content on your page. There are several reasons for not getting much Facebook traffic and likes on your Facebook page which we are going to discuss now in easily understandable points, which are given below.

1. Post your status update regularly

In social media it is important to stay in touch with your followers. Post your status regularly on your facebook page. You can post something interesting, something informative or anything that is relevant to your business and good enough to keep the visitor interested. Regular posts help your page to stay connected with your followers. When your follower like and comment on you posts there are better chances of getting likes from follower’s friend list. It is not necessary to post every day but you should post regularly with a few gaps which makes you visible and unforgettable for your followers.

2. Post videos to your page

Posting video is more attention grabbing than posting some image or text. People always get curious to see what is the video is all about, and they watch the whole video for their entertainment or for getting information. In that case we suggest people to post their own video instead of pasting any youtube links. When you paste a link of a video on facebook it diverts people’s traffic from your facebook page to Youtube or any other video sites. When you upload your video, you will see on the right hand side, below the page title, Facebook embeds a “Like” button. This allows people to like that page and with every share of your video the possibilities of facebook likes increases.See the picture below for example:

3. Killer content

In online marketing the foremost part is content. Always concentrate on good quality content which attracts people to read the whole matter. Content should be Interesting, easy to read and with proper explainable points. Never post content like garbage, always try to post fresh contents which is new for people and that increases interest of the visitors. If you will provide good content, the visitors will remain engage with you and share it with their friends..

4. Put Like Box on your website or Blog

Use Facebook Like plugin for your websites and blogs. This plug-in displays as a little box on your website , which provides your readers a shortcut to like your facebook page. This plugin is a good way to convert your website visitors into loyal facebook fans. You can get embed code from Facebook Plugins Facebook Plugins, you can place it in a way that suits your website or on a place where visitors will easily notice and connect to your page. See the picture below for example:

5. Comment on Blogs

These days every blog allows you to post comment using your facebook account (like the given picture). You should post comment using your facebook page account which will help you to display your Facebook page on the other’s blog where many people visits every day and because of that the possibility increases of diverting traffic from their website to your Facebook page. See the picture below for example: